What we are is not in what we think or say but it is in the things we do ...

Nothing shows our intentions better than our actions.

Virtues are the result of actions that promote life and well-being.

Defects are the result of actions that hurt ourselves or others.

Acting in a nice way makes you a good person.

Acting badly for yourself or others makes you a bad person and only your consciousness can make the choice of being one way or another.

Great ideas show intelligence and sensibility.

Beautiful speeches show splendor and eloquence. 

But only concrete actions show our competence.

Acting in a good way is better than just talking the same way that it is better to do something first and talk about it afterwards.

Too much talking normally results in little action. And if you do not have a good reason to do something then that is a good reason not to do it.

There is nothing more useless than doing well something that does not need to be done or should not be done. Talking is easy and it does not demand much from the person who does the talking.

Converting words into actions is the matter of the question because acting depends on effort , enthusiasm and energy. Therefore it is wiser not to do something by option than to keep talking about what should be done but never do it.

Or worse , do the opposite of what you say. Only when you put in practice a little bit of the good things you talk about and of the ideas you believe in you help build the world you talk about.

Your omission , delay or anticipation in doing what you are supposed to do according to what you can , want and should do can make a difference in the present and future of the human being,

Geraldo Eustáquio de Souza

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